What is the Ninja Wire Action Experience?忍者ワイヤーアクション体験とは

Experience firsthand how wire action is performed.映画のワイヤーアクションを体験

Have your performance professionally filmed.そのアクションを撮影

See your feats edited into a short movie.編集して短編映画に

Take home an original short film, starring you!自分が主役のオリジナル動画をプレゼント

Price & Course価格・コース

( 6-11 years old)(6-11才)

  • Group discount: 20% off (3 or more people) 団体割引 3人以上から20%オフ
  • Family discount: 20% off 家族割引(親と子供2人で共演)20%オフ (Parent/s and child/children + a short film starring the family!)
  • Social media discount available -¥500 さらにSNS割引でマイナス500円

Accounting example:計算例

  • Example: When 3 adults and 1 child participate
  • 15000 yen x 3 + 10000 yen = 55,000 yen -(20%) 11000 = 44000 yen
  • If two people raise SNS, a total of 43000yen (excluding tax) will be discounted by 1000yen.
  • *Together with 20% group discount and 20% Family discount, it will not be 40% discount.




Time required: about 90 minutes 所要時間:約90分

1 set of 6 people: 4 sets of day:1組6名:1日4組

event date:Every Tuesday and Thursday (twice a week)
open time:9:30~、12:00~、14:30~、17:00~
Activity flowアクティビティの流れ


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation to allow time for payment and ninja costume fitting. 



① The harness goes on first最初にハーネスを着ます
② The ninja costume goes on topその上に忍者衣装を着用

3.Let’s do some wire actionワイヤーアクション体験

① Practice a few times何度か練習
② Shoot the action本番撮影


Change back into your clothes and watch your completed videos together着替えてみんなで試写会
A completely new experience, full of fun and smiles全く新しい体験アクテビティ!楽しさ満載、笑顔があふれます。
Take home your original video as a souvenirお土産にオリジナル動画をお持ち帰りください。

AAC STUNT GYMTEL:03-3868-0625

YushimaD&A Bld.B2A 1-10-5 Yushima Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 〒113-0034 Japan 〒113-0034 東京都文京区湯島1-10-5B2A 湯島D&Aビル B2A
Unforgettable memoriesお客様の声


Juliano Wakahisa

This was incredibly entertaining! Being a ninja in Japan is an experience you’ll never forget!! They have a professional team to assist you and teach you all the moves (you don’t need to have any experience). The final edited video is AMAZING! Don’t miss the chance to be a ninja hero!!

Juliano Wakahisa


Tiphaine Lecornu

Super expérience ! L’ambiance, le staff, les autres participants… J’ai passé un moment inoubliable ! Je recommande vivement 🙂

Tiphaine Lecornu


J Lass

Ein grosses Lob an das kompetente Team – mit viel Witz und Humor wurde man spielerisch in einen Ninja verwandelt. Man muss keinerlei Vorerfahrung mitbringen, vielleicht nur einen kleinen wenig Mut. Aber auch fuer Leute mit Hoehenangst sollte es kein Problem sein, da das Script individuell angepasst werden kann.
Wer einmal in seinem Leben ein Actionstar sein will, ist hier genau richtig. Es hat viel Spass gemacht und am Ende bekommt man seinen eigenen kleinen Film. Top!

J Lass



It was an amazing experience ! To anyone whose wish is to become a ninja, at least for few hours, I recommend this Ninja Wire Action Experience without any hesitation !
Amazing team and very good atmosphere !



Robert Paske

Jump, fly, flip, and fight like a ninja in the movies- or at least like the stunt people behind the scenes do it! An extremely fun & unique experience involving wire action and fight choreography, and you get a video of the action to prove your ninja skills.

Robert Paske